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With transport solutions by Kleinmetall you always make the right choice. Quality and highest safety demands characterise all the articles in our product range. Sometimes it is however difficult to choose from such a big variety of excellent products and to find exactly what your really need. We would like to help you make the right selection for your demands. The following guidebook will give you an overview on Kleinmetall's offer. You can then decide without pressure and at any time which products

Guidebook for car boot protection
If you need a car boot protection, our decision-making aids can give you valuable ideas.
Guidebook for boxes
In the following you will find a list of the most important questions that help you make the right choice for your needs.
Guidebook for guards
If you need a dog guard, our decision-making aids can provide valuable ideas.
Guidebook for belts & blankets
Valuable tips can be found here if you want to take your dog on the rear bench.
Guidebook for car accessories
Those who want to go for a long journey with their dog on board should prepare their car appropriately. Here, you will find some answers to your questions concerning the ideal product.
Guidebook for dog supplies
We offer other useful products for dog lovers. Whether food and water containers, leashes or leash systems, dog care or toys are concerned: Quality and safety is not only important for transport systems.
Guidebook for Exclusive/custom-made products
If your requirements are safety and fit accuracy, you will find valuable suggestions here.