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Safety has priority! This is in the first place with regard to our dog guards. No matter whether the dog is placed on the rear bench or in the car boot: In case of abrupt emergency braking it can be hurled to the front and become a dangerous bullet. Since 1972, dog guards by Kleinmetall have guaranteed safety to animals and people. Our dog guards for cars meet all the legal requirements and were checked in detail in crash tests. Moreover, you will find specifically manufactured dog guards, which fit visually in your car. They are easy to install and do not leave any remaining marks.

This is what you get with a dog guard by Kleinmetall

Reliability: Our separating grids for the car boot comply with all legal standards and the specifications of the car manufacturers. We developed the dog guards in accordance with ECE R17 and ISO 27955/ISO 27956.

Experience and love for the pet: Even before there were legal regulations, the safety of dog and people was very important to us. Since 1972, Kleinmetall has developed restraint systems for animals and luggage. What is also very important to us: the well-being of our loyal companions. Our dog guards do not simply lock your friend away in the car, but maintain the connection between animal and human being. Our tip: In our dog accessories you will find other products, such as Quilted cushions Softplace, which make your animal feel comfortable. Even better comfort is provided especially for small dogs by a Dog ramp from our car accessories. It facilitates entry and exit and protects the joints.

Easy installation: Even if you are not really skilled in terms of handcraft, installation of our dog guard is no problem! Simply put it in the car and tighten the knurled nuts – finished! Drilling is not necessary. Thus, the value of your car is maintained. All our products protect your car and do not stain.

Modern design: Our protection grids shall not look like a foreign body, but be integrated visually in your car. For this we provide all separating grids for cars in an elegant and simple design. The bars are easy to clean. They are protected against corrosion and consist of galvanized steel parts and powder coating.

Individual solutions: From small car to jeep and van: We can deliver the right grid for each car. Using a 3D measuring device we determine the perfect fit for all customary car boot dog guards.

Our range of dog guards

Our flagship is the popular Masterline Series. It includes dog guards for numerous vehicle types. The steel gratings provide particularly high stability from floor to roof. Your dog and you are perfectly protected in your car with these grids. If you are disturbed by bars in the car boot or on the rear bench, you will find something in our Traficgard Universal grid series. These are fastened to the headrests and available in eight sizes. The grids can be adjusted to the respective seat inclination and installed in seconds. Particularly flexible fastening, which allows quick installation and removal, is provided by our Roadmaster Dog guards. The Deluxe Version is specifically suitable for hatchback vehicles and estate cars.

Tip: Our dog guards for cars are also excellently appropriate as luggage guards. Furthermore have a look at our Dog boxes. In connection with our separating grids they ensure that you get your four-legged friend safely and contentedly from A to B.

If you have any questions concerning our individual products or need help with the calculation of the right size, our service staff will be at your disposal. You can reach us via our hotline 06183 91120-0.