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Exclusive ‒ Custom-fit separating grids for your BMW
Perfect dog boxes for your BMW
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Dog boxes with safety guarantee

A dog box is an excellent transport solution if it consists of high quality material and is perfectly manufactured. And this is the case for all the dog boxes you can find at Kleinmetall. Whether you look for single boxes, double boxes or wheel case boxes. We have decades of experience in their development and production. And as we cooperate with almost every car manufacturer we are always up-to-date and offer safety-relevant knowhow for nearly every BMW model. Let us convince you.

Safety behind bars

Our dog guards ensure that risks are locked out. Using the quickly installed models – whether universal or tailor-made ones – you can prevent your dog from putting the passenger compartment at risk and distracting the passengers during your journey. During an emergency stop or a collision, the grid avoids that your pet will become a bullet which can hurt itself or others. And if your dog is not on board, you can easily stow some luggage and any other objects safely there. Our tip: using a box and a dog guard you travel most safely with your dog.

Comfortable car boot protection for your BMW

We love our dogs. Never ever would we forbid them to frolic around outdoors, even if it was raining or snowing and they were wet all over and their white fur was suddenly muddy. Using our car boot linings and tarpaulins you needn’t worry about your BMW to stay clean. Quickly laid out and also quickly cleaned, you protect your car boot, keep it clean and you can do without extensive cleaning. And everybody is happy. In all weathers. Promised.

More accessories needed?

You will find even more dog supplies in our product range including many suitable items that are not only useful during a journey but also at home. Ranging from the cosy basket to the dog ramp, from the dog leash to dog toys. Take your time and browse through our store. We look forward to your visit!