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Holidays with your dog – useful tips
Vacation time is travel time. During this period, a lot of dog owners leave their dog at a dog hotel or even animal’s home. Afterwards, they often spend their holidays with a bad conscience and cannot recover. But going on holiday with dogs is actually not so difficult if certain rules are followed.
The 11 favourite dog races in Germany
Those who want to get a dog can choose from a large variety of races. However, there are sometimes special circumstances limiting your choice such as e.g. the size of your flat and child-friendliness. And not everybody wants to run a marathon every day. In the following you will find a special selection of dog races. Maybe your new dog is also included?
Educate your dog – consistently to become your best friend
People who get a dog cannot expect their pet to do immediately what master and mistress say. A dog will learn fundamental rules through education – which must be consistent and also includes the owner.
With your dog in the car
The transport of dogs in a car is subject to legal regulations. Seating them simply on the rear bench is not only forbidden but also rather dangerous. Below you will find some tips how it works.
A dog comes into your home – thought of everything?
People who want to get a dog should think well about it beforehand. After all, a dog is a being with personality and no piece of furniture which can be sorted out once you do not like it any more.