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The 11 favourite dog races in Germany

The 11 favourite dog races in Germany

Those who want to get a dog can choose from a large variety of races. However, there are sometimes special circumstances limiting your choice such as e.g. the size of your flat and child-friendliness. And not everybody wants to run a marathon every day. In the following you will find a special selection of dog races which address totally different target groups. Maybe your new dog is also included? 

German Shephard Dog 

Has per se been the synonym of dogs in Germany for a long time. The German Shephard Dog is the embodiment of loading capacity and robustness. Therefore, it is also of interest to professional groups using its services e.g. as a rescue dog. 

The male dog of this agreeable and friendly fellow reaches a shoulder height of 65 cm whereas the female dog is normally 5 centimetres less. The Shephard dog is not the right dog for couch potatoes. Running around is a must for this pet that can reach an average age of ten to twelve years. 

Golden Retriever 

The fashion dog of the last decades. This is above all due to its friendly character and fondness of children. It cannot be used as watchdog unless you need somebody to help carry the stolen goods to the getaway car. 


Ideally the Chihuahua reaches a weight of maximum three kilos and a shoulder height of 23 centimetres. This dog that often becomes a yapper is the ideal city dog. Space for running around is still necessary, but its owner does not have to be an athlete. 


People who are looking for a family dog, may search and find the Labrador. Labradors can be easily educated, but they cannot be kept in a kennel because they prefer being in the “middle”. They are possibly a problem for allergy sufferers: Labradors shed much during the change of coat! 


A dog that needs an experienced owner. It is also child-friendly, however Terriers often tend to be stubborn. This bundle of energy can become up to eighteen. So there is much time for an intimate connection which is certainly quickly made due to its temperament. 


A poodle is available in different variants: as standard, miniature, dwarf and toy poodle. A candidate for dog hair dispraisers and allergy sufferers because it does not lose any fur. This family-friendly dog can also be kept in a city flat and has therefore been one of people’s favourite dogs in Germany for decades. 


It can become up to 15 years old. Having a shoulder height of up to 35 centimetres, it often has a weight of more than eight kilos. For those who are allergic to moving it is really recommendable because a quiet walk is totally sufficient. And heat is something that is not ideal for it. Once Loriot said about it: “Life without Mops is possible but not sensible.” 

German Mastiff 

Despite their impression Mastiffs are friendly and can easily cope with children. They are good-natured, but require good education due to their size (shoulder height at least 80 centimetres). This dog can neither be kept in a flat nor in a kennel. It needs family contact and is definitely a dog for the countryside. 


Those who watched “Lassie” in former times know that Collies are intelligent, capable of learning, friendly and uncomplicated. THE ideal family dog. 


Those who watched “Charlie Brown” in former times know that Beagles (Snoopy) are demanding. This dog that was originally bred for hunting needs education and experience. It is indeed family-compatible but it was not created for that. Therefore it requires a firm hand and much movement. It is definitely not suitable for the city. 

Havanese Dog 

This small, cute fellow is the ideal city dog. It has a friendly character which makes it a beloved guest everywhere. Of course, it must be walked too but this is still bearable by lazybones.

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