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Educate your dog – consistently to become your best friend

Educate your dog – consistently to become your best friend

People who want to have a dog, cannot expect their pet to do immediately what their master and mistress say. A dog will learn fundamental rules through education – which must be consistent and also includes the owner. 

It is nearly the same as educating your own children. Those who do not learn any rules will quickly be nervous and in unnecessary stress situations. And those who do neither know where their limits are nor what their social framework is, can hardly estimate themselves or judge situations. Therefore the education of dogs is indispensable. Especially for those who have never been a proud owner of a Shephard Dog or Dachshund before. 

Some good news beforehand: Your dog likes learning! Each situation which you experience with him will be a learning situation. However to make your dog learn as much as possible you also need to follow some rules yourself. If your four-legged friend needs to learn rules and structures, you must create the framework conditions and keep some consistency. First of all, your dog must learn that you are the boss. As the leader of the pack you will teach him that he is at the end of the hierarchy. Then he will also respect the other family members. For example, feed your dog only after the rest of the family has already eaten and address the dog only after greeting all the other family members first! 

However you want to tackle the education problem: in general it is advisable to attend a dog school. Information on a dog school in your vicinity can be easily found via internet. Many new dog owners are e.g. afraid that the new family member’s hunting instinct could lead to severe problems. Especially newcomers learn quickly and effectively in a dog school how they can lead their dogs in such a case while being patient, quiet and consistent. Supported by experienced dog trainers master and mistress can obtain the competence they need to make their dogs attentive and obeying friends. At the same time, the pets learn how to impress their leader of the pack by following his/her rules and orders in a structured way. As a result, dogs feel no stress, know their rank in the pack and can concentrate on the comfortable things: to give pleasure to the people!

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