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Dog transport boxes by Kleinmetall

Dog boxes for cars can be got everywhere nowadays. And at first sight everyone looks safe. But often the quality is based on details. While many products only pretend safety, the dog transport boxes by Kleinmetall are uncompromisingly safe and offer safety in a number of ways. So if you do not want to accept any compromise, you are here in the right place at Kleinmetall.

Those who want to transport their dog - or even several ones – in their car must secure them appropriately. This is not only prescribed by common sense but also required by the legislation. Dogs in the car are considered as load and must eventually be stowed safely. This means that dogs must be protected at least by an appropriate safety belt or – the safest will be – to transport them in a box. For an unsecured dog can become a bullet in case of an accident and extremely endanger not only itself but also all the passengers in the car.

Transport boxes made in Germany

For more than 50 years, we have been dedicated to the development of high-quality dog transport boxes for pet and passenger protection in road traffic. And just as cars are constantly further developed, our engineers always work on new innovative and sophisticated systems to offer you and your four-legged friend best safety at the highest quality level. It is not for nothing that we have counted among the market leaders for many years. Carrying out extensive tests we make sure that our boxes offer the protection and safety our customers have always appreciated in our transport solutions.

For each demand the right dog transport box

At Kleinmetall you can get top dog boxes of the model series ALUSTAR and VARIOCAGE. In addition, tailor-made models of the series EXCLUSIVE-are available. All the boxes provide high-quality protection and good air circulation while offering optimum space utilisation.

The ALUSTAR dog box is extremely robust, light and made of aluminium. Furthermore, we also offer the variant as backseat dog box if you prefer transporting your dog on the backseat.

Utmost care was our demand for the development of the new VARIOCAGE. For this reason, we designed this dog box elaborately and subjected it to special crash test scenarios. A fantastic result: VARIOCAGE is the safest dog box of the world. *

Not only ALUSTAR but also VARIOCAGE are available as single box or double box.

This is in line with the dog box – which dog accessories make your transport more convenient

Dog transportation in a dog box should not only be safe enough for our animal friends, but also for all the other passengers. Together with other dog accessories, such as e.g. a car boot protection, our TÜV approved dog ramps DOGWALK³ and DOGWALK³ XL as well as a travelling dish you can make sure that each transport is comfortable and safe. By the way: In our shop you will find a lot of other brilliant ideas to protect dogs, passengers and the car from damages and dirt. So each transport is like a drive whether you just go to the close forest or on an extensive summer holiday. 

The space-keeping alternative

Dog guards protect all the passengers, whether two-legged or four-legged ones. A Grid ensures that the driver is not distracted by the animal and prevents in case of an accident that our four-legged friends are catapulted into the passenger compartment. 

according to ISO 27955