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Holidays with your dog – useful tips

Holidays with your dog – useful tips

Vacation time is travel time. During this period, a lot of dog owners leave their dog at a dog hotel or even animal’s home. Afterwards, they often spend their holidays with a bad conscience and without any recreational value. But going on holiday with dogs is actually not so difficult if certain rules are followed. 

You certainly make a good choice! 

Preparation is of great importance, not only for your holidays but also for your pet. First of all, clarify the rules that apply to your holiday country. For example: 

  • Which vaccination is required? 
  • Which deadlines must be observed? 
  • Have you got all the documents that are relevant for your holiday destination? 
  • Where is the pet’s ID card?
  • Is the climate of the chosen holiday country favourable for my dog? 

If you are able to answer all the questions conscientiously and your dog is healthy and able to accompany you, then there is nothing to prevent you from having a nice holiday together. Meanwhile, there have been numerous hotels, guesthouses and holiday flats where you can spend a wonderful holiday with Rex, Trixi and co. When searching for some pet-friendly accommodation, there are helpful web portals where you can find some. 

Once all the suitcases are packed – do not forget dog toys and bowls! – you will be ready to start. 

Going on holiday by car 

A drive with the dog – especially a very long holiday journey in your car – is very demanding. A dog is considered as cargo. Cargo must be secured e.g. using a dog guard in the car. It is in no case possible to let the pet running around freely in the car. The risk of the driver to be impeded is just too high. Apart from the fact that there is the danger pets may face if an accident happens. 

If you go by car, it goes without saying that Kleinmetall offers you the safest possibility to travel. In our specific transport boxes which meet highest quality and safety requirements your holiday already starts when driving off. You will always have a good feeling to travel safely – and to arrive safely. 

Have fun and enjoy!

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