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Car boot protection for dog and vehicle

Which dog owner who often likes taking his dog in his car does not know the following case? If the weather is nice, the journey with your dog does not really cause any problem. Your four-legged friend is secured with a Dog box or a Dog belt and off you go. But when it rains, snows or it is stormy, the transport appears to be much more difficult. Here relaxed travelling is ensured by a specific car boot protection for dog and car in form of e.g. protective blankets.

Nobody wants to clean his car completely after every journey with the dog. For this reason, our range of car boot protection products keeps your car clean in every situation and season. You have the choice of many appropriate products that protect your individual car model from dirt and wetness. Wonderful side effect: The protection linings by Kleinmetall help you maintain the value of your car.

Which car boot lining is the right one?

A car boot lining does not only protect from dirt. If you need more than just a floor covering, we also provide you with a robust and tear-resistant universal car boot tarpaulin for perfect side protection. However car boot boxes are self-supporting, can be easily assembled and disassembled and offer additional boot sill protection. A flexible and adjustable car boot tray prevents dirt and scratches, offers optimal use of space and is thus sort of an all-round carefree package. The dirt repellent coating also reduces unpleasant smell. This makes a muddy autumn walk to be a cheerful summer walk. As you can see, there are many nice possibilities to keep your car boot clean. Even if the largest Saint Bernard dog took a mud bath. By the way: All the protective covers are also appropriate for the transportation of dirty objects of all kinds and are thus ideal for job and hobby!

Starliner – tailor-made car boot lining

In contrast to our protective covers, which are of universal use, the linings of the model series Starliner offer appropriate car boot protection for your dog. This means that a tailor-made lining is available for almost every common vehicle type. It completely covers the textile, leather or artificial leather lining of your vehicle type, is waterproof and easy to clean. We recommend: Also order the appropriate Starliner Bumper protection to be perfectly protected. With regard to the Starliner linings as well as the universal ones the following applies: Our car boot linings are easily installed, removed and stowed in a space-saving way.

Clever supplement to protective dog blanket

Safe and clean transportation is not rocket science. With the right Protective cover you and your dog always travel safely. Our tip: Complete your requested car boot lining or dog blanket with an appropriate Dog cushion or a fluffy dog bed. Round the clock seven a days a week, our online shop offers you a large variety of high-quality products for dog and dog owner protection. You will always travel in a good mood even if the weather is bad.

Protection and safety on the rear seat

If you transport your dog on the rear seat and do not want to use a box, you must fasten the dog's seatbelt. Using a blanket you will additionally protect your car from scratches and dirt. Our high-quality choice offers the right product for each car and dog.

Protection from dirt and scratches

Your dog does not only stay with you through thick and thin, but also likes walking through muds and puddles? In this case, we will also support you with high-quality and custom-fit products so that you keep your nerves and your car is prevented from being damaged. They also protect from dirt and dog hair as well as sharp dog claws.